More than 50/50 chance of a volcano, most Icelanders are not worried

More than 50/50 chance of a volcano, most Icelanders are not worried

There have been 14 earthquakes of magnitude 3 or larger then at midnight last night, as of this writing, but the largest was 4.5. All of these were targeted at Reykjanes, where all but three were close to Fagradalsfjall. This mountain is considered to be the most likely site for a possible eruption.

Kristín Jónsdóttir, earthquake risk manager at the Icelandic Meteorological Office, said in a radio interview this morning that it was now at 50/50 probability of eruption. The magma deposit under the ground has been slowly moving south. This movement itself is a sign that an eruption may be on the way.

While, RÚV reports that a new Gallup survey has been conducted on who can experience the recent earthquakes and how they feel about them.

According to the results, about 85% of all Icelanders have experienced the earthquake. Most of them live in Reykanes or the capital area. Interestingly, age seems to play a role: although most people up to the age of 49 may have experienced the earthquakes, this decreases rapidly as they get older over this age.

Only 12% of Icelanders said they were very worried about the earthquakes, most of them living in Reykjanes. Women are also more worried about the earthquakes than men, with 42% of women and 24% of men saying that the earthquakes were more worrying about them.

Source: The Nordic Page

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