From Iceland – New regulatory proposals submitted for health

From Iceland - New regulatory proposals submitted for health

Þórólfur Guðnason, Chief Epidemiologist, has submitted new proposals regarding disease prevention to Svandís Svavarsdóttir, Minister of Health.

This was confirmed in an interview this morning Bitten on the Wave.

New rules to follow

The current regulation is valid until March 17, after two days. The new regulations take effect immediately.

As usual, Þórólfur does not want to give information about what regulations entail, but he has stated that there is not much relaxation.

He said we had to take into account what happened last week, when the virus spread across the border.

“This was the only case that came up there and spread, that we were on the verge of getting more widespread. I think we should take it easy, because we can and do get infected at the border, even though we are trying to do everything we can, it can creep in and it does not take much, “says Þórólfur.

Sharpen the rules

Þórólfur talked about how the new rules will be sharper than the previous ones, so that there is less chance of the fourth wave.

“We are trying to identify weaknesses in the system and make it less burdensome for people. I think the situation here in Iceland is not very burdensome, in my opinion, “he says.

The border remains open

Asked if the border will close, Þórólfur said that this was not possible.

“In my opinion, we can never close the border. We have Icelanders abroad, we have Icelanders who need to go abroad, “says the epidemiologist. “We have the necessary services where people have to come in here, where people have to provide services that Icelanders can not and we need to have exemptions for such groups, so I can not see that we can just close the border until then. it’s done in the world I have a hard time imagining it. “

The regulation at the border is in force until 1 May and various discussions are underway to change the arrangement when the time is right.

Source: The Nordic Page




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