Letters to M. 4 at the Bíó Paradís cinema

Letters to M. 4 at the Bíó Paradís cinema

Already from March 26 at the Bíó Paradís cinema you will be able to watch a romantic comedy entitled Letters to M. 4. The film will be shown with English subtitles.

Anything can happen during Christmas Eve! Unexpected infatuation, a broken engagement or an unplanned meeting will force the main characters to redefine what love means to them. The world of Mel, Szczepan, Karina and Wojciech will turn upside down again … A new woman will enter Karolina and Filip, and the past will remind Rudolf of the past. During this time, even a shy introvert will leave the house, and the unlucky rebel will turn out to be a musical diamond. Christmas is magic, just give it a chance!

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Link to tickets HERE.

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