From Iceland – Lava from Geldingadalur is the most primitive Iceland that has been seen for 7000 years

From Iceland - Lava from Geldingadalur is the most primitive Iceland that has been seen for 7000 years

Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson, professor of geophysics, has told about the results of research that was done on the lava that flows from Geldingadalur and says that it is very exciting, Indicator reports.

The results of research that have been done show that the lava that is rising from the volcano is probably the most primitive lava that the surface of Iceland has seen for over 7,000 years.

Exciting times to be a geologist

At Bíta á Bylgjan this morning, Magnús said “This is very similar to what happens on the ocean ridges and then the measurements show that the recording depth is maybe 17 to 20 kilometers. Then we’re under the earth’s crust, it came straight up from there.

“This also means that this is different than in the main volcano in Grímsvötn and Katla because of it or Hekla or something else where there is a magma chamber in the earth’s crust where the magma accumulates and changes slightly and is fine.”

Prolonged or over before we know it?

Asked how long the eruption will last, Magnús said it was difficult to know. He mentioned, however, that most eruptions tend to last quite a long time.

He went on to say that this situation could be different as this eruption was small, steady and magma deep.

“There is a definite possibility that this will not continue for a long time. But as you hear, I do not know this, I am looking at these possibilities, “said Magnús.

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Source: The Nordic Page




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