He wants to be right in the middle of pop culture

He wants to be right in the middle of pop culture

American Tommy Hilfiger, who turns 70 on March 24, was one of the first designers to collaborate with big celebrities. In the nineties, it was largely hip-hop stars.

When rapper Snoop Dogg wore a big Tommy Hilfiger shirt at an appearance on the American comedy show “Saturday Night Live” in 1994, sales exploded.

Since then, he has worked with the biggest stars of the moment, who have put their stamp on his collections. This applies to everything from models like Kate Moss to actress Zendaya and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

In an interview with The Guardian, Hilfiger has said that he enjoys being a designer. Both because of the creative, but also because he likes to be at the center of pop culture.

In September 2016, Hilfiger also moved away from the classic model, where collections are shown in fashion weeks, and then they can be purchased six months later.

Now all Tommy Hilfiger’s collections are on sale right after the fashion shows. According to him, it immediately gave an increase in sales.

– People want instant gratification. They see it on the catwalk and want it on the next day. They do not want to wait six months. Then they may have grown tired of it, he said in an interview with The Independent.

Tommy Hilfiger has also appeared in the media on several occasions. Among other things, he has been a guest on the American reality show “Project Runway” several times.

In 2005, the American TV channel CBS had a reality show called “The Cut”. The show was reminiscent of former President Donald Trump’s TV series “The Apprentice,” but here the prize was a design job at Hilfiger.

But the great success – and seeing its name on advertising columns – has also had an impact.

He tells The Guardian that he sometimes forgets that Tommy Hilfiger is his real name. He has become too used to seeing it on jerseys.

Tommy Hilfiger has been married twice, since 2008 to Dee Ocleppo. He has five children.

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