The future of the lash fishermen is not looking good

The future of the lash fishermen is not looking good

Tasha, also known as the sea hare, is a sea fish that belongs to the tashidae family. He has a stocky, arched, round and very massive gray body. It is covered with various appendages and bone tumors. It occurs in the coastal waters of the North Atlantic, but is also present in the Baltic Sea. It grows up to 60 cm (females). It eats crustaceans, small fish and jellyfish.

It is edible fish, but only males have tasty flesh. It can be smoked and preserved. Lumpy roe, when colored black, is sometimes sold as cheap caviar.

Fishermen who catch lumber are not optimistic about this year’s season. Forecasts point to low prices of lumpfish roe, and the lumpfish market in China has collapsed.

About thirty fishing companies applied for a license to catch lump.

“The forecasts are just very bad, especially when it comes to prices” Says Jón Þorsteinsson, owner of Fengs ÞH in Grenivík. Last season, he got just over 200 ISK per kilogram of lumpfish roe – which meant a drop in prices compared to 2019. Buyers have not yet announced prices for this year, but fishermen expect a significant reduction compared to last year.

Fishing for lump in Iceland began on Tuesday, March 23, according to a regulation signed by the Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture.

The permit to catch lumpfish is valid for 25 consecutive days and is limited to a specific area and fishing season. Lumpy fishery is divided into seven fishing areas and the fishing season runs from March 23 to June 30, with the exception of the inner part of Breiðafjörður, where the fishing season runs from May 20 to August 12.

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