Therefore, Stig Tøftning must walk 167 kilometers

Therefore, Stig Tøftning must walk 167 kilometers

The former national team player in football, Stig Tøftning, has lost a bet. That is why he is currently embarking on a longer walk – 167 kilometers from his home in Aarhus and to the border. A trip that is meant to take six days.

The long walk was due to Stig Tøftning back in November being so skeptical that Donald Trump would regain the presidency of the United States that he made a bet with TV 2’s US analyst Mirco Reimer-Elster. The loser had to walk from his home and to the winner’s residence.

As you know, Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden, and then Stig, as the sportsman he is, had to lace up his walking shoes and get out of there.

Stig Tøftning expects to be there on Saturday, where Mirco Reimer-Elster offers a takeaway dinner at the border crossing in Kruså.

Along the way, the former national team player raises money for children with cancer and their families.

This is not the first time that Stig Tøftning is out on a longer walk. In 2019, he came to promise that he would go from his home in Aarhus to Herning if FC Midtjylland were to win over Brøndby IF. Midtjyderne won, and Tøfting then had to go on an 80 kilometer long walk.

Stig Tøftning had a long football career, where he spent several stays abroad in Germany, among other places, and where he pulled the red and white national team jersey over his head 41 times.

Stig Tøftning, who became known as the “lawnmower” due to his powerful tackles, first stopped his career in 2007 – 38 years old.

Source: The Nordic Page

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