Support parties: Finnish model to bring children home from Syria

Support parties: Finnish model to bring children home from Syria

Support parties will pressure the government to use the Finnish model to bring children with Danish connections home from Syrian camps.

It writes Politiken.

In the Finnish model, a specially appointed official is authorized to make decisions on the repatriation of both mothers and children, the newspaper writes.

The Unity List, the Radicals and the Socialist People’s Party are pressuring the Social Democrat government to repatriate the 19 children with a connection to Denmark. A total of seven women, who are mothers to the children, also sit in the camps.

The Unity List’s legal spokesperson, Rosa Lund, tells Politiken:

– The Finnish model is insanely interesting because you have sat down and made a plan and said that these things must be fulfilled.

– This means that you have a softer line than we have in Denmark, where it is said that the children must have lasting physical or mental harm, and that the mothers must consent, says Rosa Lund.

Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S) in particular is under pressure at the moment. The support parties criticize the minister’s handling of the case, where a large number of assessments from the intelligence services, among other things, have appeared in the media before the Folketing has been informed.

Source: The Nordic Page

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