The government will convince the EU of greener energy targets

The government will convince the EU of greener energy targets

It writes Berlingske.

Denmark will try to gather a majority for a goal that renewable energy should account for 45 percent of the EU’s energy consumption by 2030.

At the same time, the government believes that energy efficiency should be increased to 40 percent. This is measured by how good the EU countries are at reducing their energy consumption.

– It is a marked increase and very ambitious, says Minister of Climate, Energy and Research Dan Jørgensen (S) to Berlingske.

The current target for the share of renewable energy in the EU was adopted in 2018. It is 32 percent of total energy consumption.

This type of energy primarily includes wind, solar and sustainable biomass.

In 2018, it was also decided in the EU that the target for reducing energy consumption should be set at at least 32.5 percent by 2030.

Last December, EU countries agreed that the EU should reduce total greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by 2030.

Prior to that, the target was a 40 percent reduction.

Against this background, a package of new legislation and new goals in the field of climate and energy in the EU must be created.

It is the Government’s wish that the proposal for more renewable energy and increased energy efficiency become part of this package.

For several Danish companies, great interests are at stake, Berlingske writes. For example, Vestas, which produces wind turbines, and Danfoss, which makes thermostats and other energy-saving products.

An analysis from EA Energianalyse, made for the interest group Synergi, shows that Danish exports will increase if the government comes through with its proposal in the EU.

Exports will increase to NOK 29 million a year on energy-efficient technology alone. That is DKK 12 billion more than in 2019.

Source: The Nordic Page

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