Asylum seekers are begging to stay in Iceland

Asylum seekers are begging to stay in Iceland

About two dozen asylum seekers, almost all of whom are at risk of deportation to Greece, met this morning at Hlemmur Square in downtown Reykjavik, from where they marched to Parliament and then back to Reykjavik Police Station. They all want to stay in Iceland and are afraid of hitting the conditions that await refugees in Greece.

The demonstration was peaceful. There was no police in front of Parliament and no confrontation. The editors of the newspaper recorded an interview with one of the organizers of the demonstration as well as with three other asylum seekers. They expressed their love for Iceland and said that if they were deported to Greece – which Iceland authorities are aiming for – they will have no livelihood and will most likely end up on the street.

This opinion is in line with what has been reported by numerous international organizations about Greece. The refugee camps there are in dire state, and even those granted “protection” in Greece are cut off from all aid, are subjected to violence and most often end up homeless.

Among the participants was Mohammed Alsweirki, whose case was widely covered in Grapevine, and who is also facing deportation to Greece.

You can view the recorded movie HERE.

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