All polling stations in Greenland have closed – counting is underway

All polling stations in Greenland have closed - counting is underway

An unusually long queue at the polling station necessitated the longer opening hours.

All 71 other polling stations closed at 8 pm Greenlandic time as expected.

The first results have gradually started to run in the night before Wednesday.

According to the official site, 206 votes were counted shortly after 02.00 Danish time.

About 41,000 eligible voters must nominate 31 members to the Greenlandic parliament, Inatsisartut. 189 candidates are running.

The election has been eagerly awaited.

The Siumut ruling party has been plagued by internal power struggles, and opinion polls have not given the traditional power party a good choice.

The power struggles culminated when Siumut’s head of government, Kim Kielsen, was overthrown as party chairman in November in favor of Erik Jensen. But Kielsen still remained as leader of Naalakkersiutut, the Self-Government.

At the same time, a large mining project in Kuannersuit, Kvanefjeld, near the town of Narsaq in South Greenland, has divided the Greenlandic population and the parties.

Corona precautions have been taken at the polling stations in several places in Greenland.

In Nuuk, people have been offered masks and hand sanitizer at the entrance, and the number of people who may vote at once has been limited.

Greenland has not registered new corona cases for almost a month.

A total of 31 people have been tested positive for coronavirus in Greenland. They have all since been recovered.

Source: The Nordic Page




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