The study sheds light on inequality in COVID-19 mortality between racial groups

The study sheds light on inequality in COVID-19 mortality between racial groups

The study is the first to define the COVID-19 mortality inequality and racial and gender.

“This analysis complicates the simple report that men die at a higher rate of COVID-19 than women,” said the editor-in-chief. Tamara Rushovich, A Ph.D.

The results show that the general perception that COVID-19 is worse in men than in women varies between social groups defined by race / ethnic origin.

The main findings of the study are:

-Black women have COVID-19 mortality, which is almost four times higher than white men and 3 times higher than Asian men, and higher than white and Asian women.

-Black men have a much higher mortality rate than any other gender and race group, including more than 6 times higher than white men.

-Mortality rates for black women and white women are more than 3 times higher than for white men and white women.

-The difference between black men and black women is greater than the difference between white men and white women

It is well understood that racism and social inequality, not genetics, are responsible for racial differences in COVID-19 mortality. However, many researchers focus on differences in biology to explain gender differences in COVID-19 mortality.

The results of this study challenge exclusively a focus on biology as an explanation for gender differences in COVID-19 mortality and argue that gender-related societal factors, along with racism and socioeconomic stratification, are important explanatory factors.

Source: ANI

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