Webcam destroyed by lava

Webcam destroyed by lava

Yesterday, one of the webcams owned by, set up at the eruption site on Mount Fagradalsfjall, was shut down due to technical problems.

It was not yet known that the camera had been destroyed for good, carried away by an inexorable stream of lava. It was only yesterday evening that it was found in the image captured by the drone that the debris of the device was lying at the edge of the lava stream.

Fortunately, in anticipation of this unfortunate event, another webcam was installed.
The camera was not the only device that fell victim to the lava flow yesterday. The same fate befell the Icelandic Meteorological Bureau’s volcanic gas monitoring station south of the camera.

“The station was installed to follow the development of the eruption and record valuable data” Baldur Bergsson, monitoring equipment operator, told Morgunblaðið. The concentration levels of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen were measured here. The last report was sent by the station shortly before 23:00 last night. Another such station at the eruption site is still operational.

Piotr Szewczuk

Source: Yle




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