The Icelandic Smart Ring is gaining attention from foreign media

The Icelandic Smart Ring is gaining attention from foreign media

Icelandic tech company Genki has launched its latest smart device that allows you to control applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Spotify using hand gestures.

The product has already attracted overseas attention and has been covered by major tech media such as Engadget, Fast Company, TechRadar, and Apple Insider.

There are three buttons on the ring and a display that shows information such as volume and microphone activity. The size of the ring can be adjusted to the finger.

The new ring is a modified version of the 2018 Wave ring that used musicians to control sound, change effects, and send commands using hand gestures. The company’s announcement says that the Wave ring has sold thousands of copies worldwide, and that musicians such as Daði Freyr, Imogen Heap and Jamie Lidell have used it in their creations.

Last year, Genki launched the Halo Ring, which is used to control slide shows and presentations using gestures.

Ólafur Bjarki Bogason, Genki’s CEO, said: “For a long time, we thought about extending the use of the device beyond music. When we started working at home, at the start of the COVID epidemic, we used the Wave Ring to control the Zoom app. We immediately noticed that it made life easier. Wave for Work is based on the same user-friendly hardware as Wave, but we have changed the functionality of the ring so that you can control applications. For example, you can turn off the microphone in Zoom, change the slide in PowerPoint, or turn up the music volume on Spotify. It provides more freedom and possibilities “.

Wave for Work has a range of up to ten meters and supports programs such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Keynote, Spotify, Photoshop, and OBS.

Genki has received numerous awards for its Wave ring, such as the Icelandic Design Award in 2019. The company’s shareholders are Tennin, Davíð Helgason, Jón von Tetzchner and Nordic Web Ventures.

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