Boost for outdoor life during the pandemic

Boost for outdoor life during the pandemic
  • Almost three out of ten answer that they have devoted more time to outdoor life during the pandemic and that they think they will continue to do so.
  • It shows a survey that Sveriges Radio commissioned in February and in which over 16,000 people participated.
  • Patrik Rehnström, who works in a shop that sells outdoor equipment, notices the increased interest: “It was a lot before covid but since then it has increased a lot after that”.

The survey was conducted by the analysis and research company Novus, on behalf of Swedish Radio, for two weeks in February.

More than 16,000 people responded on questions about their hobbies during the pandemic – what they have done more of and what they think they will continue to do more of after the pandemic.

Those who responded to the survey were able to indicate several different options for activities that they have engaged in more.

Largest share, almost three out of ten, answered outdoor life. Just over two out of ten, that they devoted themselves more to training, just as many that they watched more TV series and films, and an equal proportion that they will continue as before the pandemic.

– To move at all, we know that it is good for health, says Margareta Kristenson, professor emeritus of social medicine and public health science at Linköping University.

– But I think you should bear in mind that one of the great things about the pandemic is that it has shed some light on the uneven health in society, for those who have the opportunity to move more it is great but there are probably at least as many who do not have that opportunity and who have moved less, she says.


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