The Folketing eases travel restrictions in four phases

The Folketing eases travel restrictions in four phases

The restrictions are to be eased in four phases towards the expected 26 June. Phase 1 will take effect on Wednesday 21 April.

One of the great things about the agreement is that it should be easier to travel abroad without having to go into isolation when you return home.

This is done, among other things, by significantly raising the so-called incidence rate for opening and closing certain countries and regions. Thus, it becomes possible to go to more countries and regions without later having to go into isolation.

There will be more lenient rules for, for example, business travel and for those traveling to a deserted farm in the Nordic countries.

The Liberal Party’s foreign affairs spokesman, Michael Aastrup Jensen, welcomes the agreement.

– We open significantly in relation to both traveling on holiday, but also getting tourists into the country. And we open up that you can travel faster and easier on holiday if you have been vaccinated.

– We still think that the weighting between risks and benefits is weighted in terms of health. If you are vaccinated, there is a very, very low risk of infection. And if you travel from a yellow country without being vaccinated, the risk of infection is very low.

– So all in all, it is a sound opening, but at the same time also one that can be felt for a hard-pressed travel and tourism industry, he says.

SF’s legal spokesperson, Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt, is also satisfied.

– The important thing is that we now have a plan that has been set dates and that we follow up along the way. Then we can also have time to react if something is going in a skewed direction, while at the same time giving some predictability, she says in a written comment.

– We are opening up for more recognizable purposes in the first phase because it can be done responsibly. I would like to emphasize that from 21 April we now provide the opportunity for the family of a Danish citizen living abroad to travel with him into Denmark again.

– It is so sad when the family can not travel to Denmark for a memorial service for a close, deceased relative, simply because this is after the funeral. But you can do that in the future, says Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt.

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