The leak from the negotiating table to TV2: Travel restrictions must soon be relaxed

The leak from the negotiating table to TV2: Travel restrictions must soon be relaxed

The right to leave and re-enter the country freely without the hassle of isolating on your return may return sooner than many of us had expected, according to an exclusive TV2 report this morning.

The news service has come into possession of detailed plans to travel back over the next six weeks.

The “leaked draft agreement”, also referred to as a “preliminary draft”, has been picked up from the negotiating tables in parliament and the government is expected to continue discussing the plans this afternoon.

From 21 April
From 21 April, according to the plans, it will be possible for Danes to visit their properties (provided they are in remote places) in the Nordic countries without the need to isolate when they arrive or when they return. The same goes for business travelers.

From the same date, the isolation requirements for participants from ‘yellow countries’ will be relaxed, and the list of valid purposes required to travel to Denmark will be expanded.

And then in the beginning and middle of May …
From 6 May, fully vaccinated Danes and foreigners from yellow and orange EU countries will be able to travel in and out of Denmark.

And from mid-May, provided that everyone in Denmark over the age of 50 has been vaccinated at this time, there is no longer a need for valid reasons for incoming travelers from orange countries together with countries outside the EU that meet specified criteria.

However, test and isolation requirements remain in place unless participants are vaccinated.

Source: The Nordic Page




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