Time to change tires

Time to change tires

From tomorrow on April 15, the use of studded tires is prohibited in Iceland. However, according to information provided by the police, drivers do not have to fear immediate penalties for continued use of such tires. It is up to law enforcement when penalties are introduced.

According to a post on Suðurnes Police’s FB, penalties will not be imposed immediately. According to the website of the Icelandic Association of Car Owners (FÍB), fines for using studded tires were usually awarded to drivers in May at the earliest.


In 2018, the amount of fines for driving on studded tires increased fourfold. Previously, the amount was ISK 5,000 for each tire, but now the penalty is ISK 20,000 for each studded tire. Therefore, it is important to monitor very carefully when the police start granting tickets.

Police in the capital region intend to inform all drivers when they can expect fines for driving on studded tires. From the police post on Facebook and the discussion under the post, it can therefore be concluded that it will not be immediate.

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