Stina Nilsson gets regular A national team place

Stina Nilsson gets regular A national team place
  • During her debut season as a biathlete, Stina Nilsson was part of the A national team at a development site, but for next season she has been given one of the regular places, the biathlon association announces on Friday.
  • Nilsson has been selected as one of seven regular women skiers in the national team squad for next season.
  • “We are entering an exciting year with the Olympics as the highlight. Within the A-team, there are no major changes except that we have expanded the squad with two active members “, says Anna-Maria Uustialo, sports director at the Swedish Biathlon Association.

The entire A national team

Ladies: Hanna Öberg, Piteå Biathlon Club, Linn Persson, SK Bore, Elvira Öberg, Piteå Biathlon Club, Mona Brorsson, Finnskoga IF, Johanna Skottheim, Lima SKG, Anna Magnusson, Piteå Biathlon Club, Stina Nilsson, Lima SKG

Men: Sebastian Samuelsson, I21 IF, Jesper Nelin, Piteå Biathlon Club, Martin Ponsiluoma, Tullus SG, Peppe Femling, Piteå Biathlon Club.

Development sites: Malte Stefansson, Oxbergs IF, Tilda Johansson, Anundsjö SKF, Oskar Brandt, I2 IF.





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