Expert’s tip: They win SM gold

Expert's tip: They win SM gold

Damallsvenskan will start soon, and the radio sport’s football expert Richard Henriksson has gone through all the teams. Here are his top three, and the team he believes will end up last in the table.

1. Hedge
Reigning champion in a new format. Suddenly also clearly has the best training conditions of all teams. Of course, they have lost good players, but I like the new acquisitions, which fit Häcken’s fast games perfectly. I think they will defend the gold if there is no player flight this summer as many players are of course attractive to foreign clubs.

2. Rosengård
Together with Häcken, by far the best player squad in the series, without a word. What separated the teams last year was that Rosengård did not feel as much as a team that worked for each other, especially when it received.

3. Kristianstad
Will be there behind the two giants again this year, although I think they have not managed to replace some of the slopes that have left. Exciting to see how they tackle combining the Allsvenskan and the Champions League this autumn. The squad is not very wide.

12. AIK
AIK impressed last year in the Elite, but if you look at this squad, not many new players go in and sharpen the team. The question is whether it is enough that enough people can take the steps required to fulfill contracts.





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