The hottest place in Iceland

The hottest place in Iceland

A quarter of Iceland’s population has already gone to replace a volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula, reports the local newspaper Fréttablaðið.

The volcano erupted a month ago and since then interest in it has been growing and the number of visitors to this place has been growing. According to research, more people have recently visited the eruption site than at the beginning of the eruption.

According to the Gallup Group, which conducted a survey on the number of visitors to the Geldingadalur Valley, 16% of people in the survey visited the volcano in the first week of April.

19 percent did not see the eruption but saw its glow illuminate the night sky. An additional 3 percent drove near a volcano just to see an orange tint in the sky.

This means that almost half of the population saw the eruption somehow. 53% admitted that they had not seen anything live related to the volcano.

Of those who have not yet arrived at the eruption site, just over half believe that they will very likely see it. And 36% say it is unlikely because they are not interested.

It appears that many more people are now interested in visiting the eruption site than has been shown by previous Gallup polls.

Source: Yle




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