The youngest chief of the defense got his case for

The youngest chief of the defense got his case for

The appointment has sparked debate. Just as Bartram has experienced it before in his time as Chief of Defense, a post that became the culmination of a long military career.

Bartram joined the Armed Forces when he was very young. In 1985 he became first lieutenant, in 2005 he became colonel, then brigadier general in 2008, and in 2012 he became chief of defense.

When he was appointed at the age of 50, Peter Bartram became the youngest chief of defense ever.

He got to watch fast enough. During his time as Chief of Defense, he used, among other things, his military talent for the establishment of the Arctic Command and the Special Operations Command.

But he also had to take on the hard task of leading the Armed Forces at a time with savings of almost three billion.

At the end of the time in the Armed Forces, one case in particular cost credibility.

In 2016, the Chief of Defense received criticism from the Parliamentary Ombudsman because he had said during a presentation that employees could be fired for disloyal remarks about the Defense on social media.

– We perceive this as a threat to employees and their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression. That is very reprehensible, the ombudsman said.

In his appointment in 2012, Bartram otherwise mentioned that there should be an end to closedness, and that there should be a better dialogue – both externally and internally, as he told Jyllands-Posten.

But critics pointed out that the case was an example of the exact opposite. Peter Bartram ended up complaining.

He left the Armed Forces at the beginning of 2017. Here it sounded from several professional associations in the military field that Peter Bartram had not had it easy, but that he had been a good partner.

He has since devoted himself to board work. It now means that he will be in charge of one of the country’s largest media houses.

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