Full reopening for schools, but how many are able to comply with the short notice?

Full reopening for schools, but how many are able to comply with the short notice?

From today, children who go in 5.-8. Class at the public school, back to 100 percent physical participation, while university students in Copenhagen get 30 percent – in line with the rest of higher education institutions in the country.

Due to a two-day notice of the reopening from the government, it has been a race against the clock for most public schools to be ready by Thursday morning, according to Gordon Ørskov Madsen, chairman of the Danish Teachers’ Association.

The Minister for Children and Education, Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil, understands that not all schools have had enough time to be fully prepared.

“It is not a competition about who opens the fastest. It is really important that the schools give themselves time to get the logistics in place, ”she told DR

Too little too late
With the new reopening agreement, university students in Copenhagen will finally be able to have the same physical presence as the rest of the country. Previously, they were only allowed 20 percent.

But according to several students, the reopening plan for higher education is not good enough. Mike Gudbergsen, the leader of the DSF student association, says that the plan to increase capacity to 50 percent on May 21 is too small, too late.

“At that time, students will study for their exams, so it is limited how much of the 50 percent will be spent on the site,” he told DR.

“I wish the first social meeting the students had after the reopening was on campus and not in bars or gyms.”

Source: The Nordic Page




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