This year’s press photo shows historical demonstration in Belarus

This year's press photo shows historical demonstration in Belarus

On Friday, Berlingske photographer Asger Ladefoged was awarded the prize for “Press Photo of the Year” for one of his photos from the demonstrations. This is stated by the Press Photographers’ Association in a press release.

The photo shows two female protesters with their emotions on the outside of their clothes, while battle-dressed officers and salad barrels block the roads close to Lukashenko’s presidential palace.

– It is one of the most surprising pictures of the year, because here is a conflict we have ignored for a long time.

– That is why it is an important image, but also because there is a lot at stake. It is a country in Europe where people take to the streets and demonstrate, even if they are beaten, the jury writes.

Asger Ladefoged also experienced the demonstrations on his own body when he was assaulted by the police with a blow to the face and a kick in the back.

This is the second time that Asger Ladefoged has been awarded the prize for “Press Photo of the Year”.

The prize for “Press Photographer of the Year” has also been awarded, and it went for the fourth time to Mads Nissen from Politiken, who earlier this year received the prize for the world’s best press photo.

It was for a depiction of the impact of the corona pandemic on life in some of the hard-hit areas of Brazil.

The award in the category “News Picture of the Year, Denmark” has gone to the photographer Nikolai Linares, who has taken the picture for Ritzau Scanpix.

The picture shows a dark woman with her arm up during a large demonstration in Copenhagen on June 7 last year organized by the movement Black Lives Matter.

Thousands took to the streets to demonstrate after the death of black American George Floyd when a police officer had one knee against his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Source: The Nordic Page

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