Sauli Niinistö honors 29 mothers on Mother’s Day

Sauli Niinistö honors 29 mothers on Mother's Day

On this Mother’s Day, the President of Finland recognized 29 deserving mothers – an annual tradition that dates back 75 years.

Niinistö, the father of a 72-year-old infant, took over Twitter Sunday morning to congratulate mothers. The President’s official Mother’s Day greeting emphasized the roles of mothers in society.

"Each of you has earned our great respect. With care, support, and understanding, you give your children a lifetime of maintenance," he said. "Also this year, we reward mothers who, through their presence and actions, have created safe and loving homes."

On Sunday, 29 mothers in Finland will receive the Finnish White Rose first class medal with a golden cross. Niinistö said the recipients have done "which is best not only for their own children, but very often for the children of others."

Since the award was established in 1946, mothers who have nodded tend to have many children, a rural residence, and a history of active service in charities and voluntary organizations. Urban mothers with few children are rarely decorated.

Mother’s Day, which is the second Sunday in May, is the official flag day in Finland.

Source: The Nordic Page




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