The new Herjólfur has significantly improved the use of Landeyjahöfn

The new Herjólfur has significantly improved the use of Landeyjahöfn

The port of Landeyjahöfn was opened in summer 2010. At first it was assumed that the new ship would be ready at the same time as the port was designed for a ferry that is shallower than the old Herjólfur.

However, we had to wait another 9 years for the new ferry. The economic crisis led to a delay in the construction of the ship that was to take the place of the old ferry, and for the next 9 years the old Herjólfur ran between the islands of Vestmannaeyjar and Iceland. However, often due to the harsh sea conditions and the too shallow port of Landeyjahöfn, this ferry was canceled.

Since the new ferry was put into service, the data show that Herjólfur has sailed 45 percent more frequently to and from Landeyjahöfn than its predecessor. The arrival of a new vessel on the route to and from Vestmanaeyjar increased the use of the port of Landeyjahöfn from 57% to 83%.

“This ferry is shallower and can handle difficult conditions better. We can sail in worse conditions than on the old ship “Brynjar Smári Unnarsson, captain of the Herjólfur ferry, says on the Stöð 2 news.

The captain of the ferry Brynjar Smári Unnarsson / photo: Egill Aðalsteinsson

“I think we used the old ferry to and from Þorlákshöfn for half a year. But now it’s maybe fifty days a year “ Says the captain.

Data collected by Vegagerðin at the request of the news agency show that old Herjólfur traveled 57 percent of his time from Landeyjahöfn. The new Herjólfur, on the other hand, has increased this percentage to 83 since it was put into service in the summer of 2019.

So with the introduction of the new ferry, the use of Landeyjahöfn has increased significantly – by 45 percent. Captain Brynjar says there is room for improvement in the port, but admits that the people of Vestmanaeyjar are satisfied with the new ferry.

I think the vast majority are very satisfied with it. This is heaven and sea compared to what was. “

The ferry is believed to be more comfortable and much more environmentally friendly. The ferry is powered by electricity and is very quiet.

“This is a good ship. I think everyone agrees with that. “

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Source: Yle




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