New Civilian profile abused in anti-corona campaign

New Civilian profile abused in anti-corona campaign

According to Berlingske, Nye Borgerlige’s profile Lars Boje Mathiesen has been used as a sender on leaflets that spread conspiracy theories and misinformation about the corona.

The leaflets have been distributed in North Zealand. They postulate, among other things, that the government and the Folketing use corona to control the population.

The flyer is adorned with a picture of Lars Boje Mathiesen and indicates that he is the sender.

– I could immediately see that it is forgery, identity theft and of course deeply serious. I hope that the people behind it smoke in the damper, says Lars Boje Mathiesen to Berlingske.

– I do not know if it is made by some who want New Civil the evil, or if it is just a miserable poor thing. But it can be deeply harmful for Nye Borgerlige as a party, if thousands have been distributed, and people then think that I am in favor of these things here.

The case has been reported to the police, who confirm to Berlingske that they are investigating the case.

To Berlingske, Lars Boje Mathiesen says that he finds it deeply offensive that someone uses his name and image on a false basis.

Throughout the corona period, Nye Borgerlige has argued for fewer restrictions as the worst-case scenarios for the disease have not unfolded. At the same time, the party is outside the latest agreement on reopening due to a strong, principled opposition to coronapas.

The party has never denied the existence of the disease or cast doubt on the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.

The leaflet encourages recipients to follow the organizations JFK21 and Men in Black, among others. The former believes that the world is controlled by a cabal of devil worshipers, while the latter has regularly held demonstrations against the restrictions imposed to reduce corona infection.

Source: The Nordic Page

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