Three out of five stork eggs hatched on Friday in Smedager

Three out of five stork eggs hatched on Friday in Smedager

During Friday, three new stork cubs were born in Smedager in Southern Jutland.

It is the stork pair consisting of the male Clyde and an unnamed female from Germany who have had the first three out of five young hatched.

This is stated in an update on’s Facebook page.

The first youngster hatched early Friday morning, while the other two followed around around 9pm and 11.30pm.

The first of the nest’s eggs was laid on April 9, according to local TV station TV Syd. The following eight days, four more eggs were added.

Three weeks ago, the chairman of the association, Jess Frederiksen, said that the days of Ascension Day were an obvious time for the first eggs to hatch.

This is because the weather here is ideal for the new stork cubs.

– The weather is good for the stork cubs now. The ground is wet, and it provides a lot of earthworms, which the kids need, says Jess Frederiksen on Friday to TV Syd.

But the most important thing for the new stork cubs the first time will be to stay warm rather than full.

– The need for warmth around the cubs is often the most important several weeks into the process.

– This can result in the protector of the parent birds laying down on eggs and young and postponing feeding, even if the young seem hungry. It is completely natural, the storks write on their Facebook page.

The optimal habitat for storks is meadows that are grazed and where hay is taken. It is a habitat type that is not much left of at home.

The stork has previously bred in great style in Denmark with up to 10,000 breeding pairs in the 19th century.

Source: The Nordic Page




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