The sale of Play line tickets starts

The sale of Play line tickets starts

Play airline has started selling tickets to seven European destinations. The first flight of the airline will take place on June 24.

The sale began around seven in the morning and was offering 1,000 free tickets on a first come, first served basis.

The first flight is to London Stansted and the lowest fare is SEK 6,500. Other destinations are Alicante, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Tenerife. Flights to these destinations will begin in July. Flights to Tenerife on July 3 and Berlin on July 5 are now available. Alicante on July 17 and Barcelona on July 23. Paris will be available on July 18 and Copenhagen on July 22. The current flight schedule is valid until April 2022.

“The company, which is just turning two years old, has kept its promise to those who signed up on the PLAY mailing list and was given the first opportunity to get 1,000 free spots that are hidden on the website. “, the announcement sounds.

Flights to London will operate four times a week: on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. The Play fleet will have three Airbus A321neo passenger planes with a capacity of 192 passengers. The first, TF-AEW, will go live as previously announced on June 24, while the others are expected to go live in July. All planes are the property of AerCap.

Source: Yle




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