The Unity List wants all 19 children home from Syria

The Unity List wants all 19 children home from Syria

– This is not yet over for the Unity List. We do not stop fighting until all Danish children are home. We can not be known to leave anyone in the courtyard of hell in Syria, says legal spokeswoman Rosa Lund (EL) in a written comment.

– The children in the Syrian prison camps suffer both great mental and physical harm. They suffer from anxiety and malnutrition, and therefore they all need to go home as soon as possible.

– The five children who are left behind in Syria need just as much protection as the 14 children who are now being brought home, she says.

The government announced at a press conference on Tuesday night that, contrary to previous announcements, it will now work to bring a total of 19 children and three mothers home from the prison camps, where the children are assessed to be in danger of being radicalized by Islamic State.

The three women, who are Danish citizens, are the mothers of a total of 14 of the children.

The government will only evacuate the last five children without their three mothers in total, who are only connected to Denmark, but are not Danish citizens now.

It will therefore require the mothers’ consent that the children can come to Denmark without them, and the mothers have not given that.

Therefore, the five children do not come to Denmark this time.

Source: The Nordic Page