The outgoing mayor of Helsinki will take on the role of advisor in the Miltton marketing group

The outgoing mayor of Helsinki will take on the role of advisor in the Miltton marketing group

The resigning mayor of Helsinki Jan Vapaavuori (NCP) will serve on the board of Miltton Group’s marketing and communications office, which will also serve as a part-time senior advisor.

Vapaavuori’s term as mayor of Helsinki ends at the end of July.

When announcing the appointment, Miltton described Vapaavuror as being "exceptional skills and experience in social decision making, urban development and international affairs."

In a corporate publication released on Thursday, Vapaavuori said that we understand the effects of accelerating change in the world and respond to them, we need to understand cities.

Climate change is, in his view, the most critical megatrend of our time, and digitalisation is changing the world in a way that has never been possible before. Both are more concrete in the urban environment and context.

"The change in work and other global phenomena is concretized in cities. The effects of the urban environment resonate almost everywhere, making urbanization a key framework for other megatrends, ”Vapaavuori said.

Kauppalehti was the first to report earlier this month that at the end of its term, Vapaavuori also intends to work part-time as an urban development consultant at the Danish real estate investment company NREP.

Vapaavuori is a former Minister of Economic Affairs, Minister of Housing and Minister for Nordic Cooperation. He was Vice-Chairman and Member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank before resigning after being elected Mayor of Helsinki in 2017.

Source: The Nordic Page




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