English language skills a focus for CIS summer students

English language skills a focus for CIS summer students

The Copenhagen International School (CIS) summer program is a unique opportunity for children to learn new skills while developing their English-speaking skills in the company of experienced EAL teachers (English as an additional language).

The school offers a wide range of camps that give children a great opportunity to learn and improve their English while making new friends and staying active in a safe, positive and creative environment.

The program is taught in English and open to all children. This includes children who visit Denmark and the Copenhagen area, as well as students from other schools who may not be exposed to lessons that are taught in English as often.

Camp combo options

Students can engage in learning, exploration and adventure at any of SNG’s five summer camps: Activity Camp (4-7 years), Art Camp (8-12), Rocket Lab (8-12), English Camp (8-10 years ) 12 or 12-17).

All camps are available during the first two weeks of the summer holidays. Parents / students can choose between week 1 (June 21-25), week 2 (June 28 – July 2) or both.

Fun and games

For the younger crowd, there is an activity camp where children can enjoy music, play educational games, sometimes go on excursions and work on practical projects such as arts and crafts and gardening.

“Last year, we had various teacher-led activities that we revolved around: like face painting or making toy dough,” says Activity Camp teacher Sarai.

“The children were really happy, and so were the parents. Danish parents are particularly enthusiastic about their children being exposed to English. ”

Art attack

“All age levels in primary school love to build things,” says Fiona, a teacher at the art camp.

“I have never come across a child who has not been really engaged when we built something Picasso-inspired, like Cubism – they just cut and paste away! Clay is another good medium. ”

Apart from clay, young artists in the art camp also work with watercolors, sketches, charcoal, pastels and more.

Rocket man!

Bring your child’s inner scientist to a class that explores Newton’s laws of motion.

The experiments and simulations are designed to explore different scientific theories and laws.

Explosions, excitement and entertainment are guaranteed. For these rocketeers, and the possible fun at hand, the sky is the limit!

Comfortable with English

Who does not like games, singing, conversation, art, reading, writing and sometimes even cooking – these EAL classes have them and much more.

The classes are designed for students who are new to the English language or with some experience.

The experienced teachers instinctively know the best program to suit your child’s needs.

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