The device list will replace exit centers with foot shackles

The device list will replace exit centers with foot shackles

Instead, she believes that departure centers should only be used shortly before departure.

– It has never been the plan that these people should live in the centers for several years.

– These people are sitting in the centers for so long because we do not have any repatriation agreements. And when that doesn’t work, we should discuss whether the exit centers have the correct construction, she says.

These are 130 people who have been sentenced to deportation for crime or are on tolerated stay, who must be transferred from Kærshovedgård in Central Jutland to the new center on Langeland.

Those people should instead get foot shackles on, Rosa Lund believes.

– We in the Unity List think that it will be better if the criminals get foot shackles on, and then, for example, live with some family, she says.

According to Rosa Lund, it will also save the government a lot of money.

She believes that the cost of a foot shackle will be lower than the approximately 300,000 kroner a year it costs to have people at the exit centers.

The debate about the exit centers started at a press conference on Wednesday, when Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Mattias Tesfaye (S) announced that a new exit center was to be set up on the Holmegaard property on the southern tip of Langeland.

Already shortly after the announcement, several parties had criticized the location of the new center. On Wednesday, several parties in the opposition stated that they would rather see the exit center located on the island of Lindholm or in Greenland.

Matthias Tesfaye has convened the immigration rapporteurs for a meeting on Tuesday evening next week to discuss the location of the exit center on Langeland after sharp criticism from the opposition and SF and the residents on Langeland.

Source: The Nordic Page