Free luxury dinner can send 57-year-old to jail

Free luxury dinner can send 57-year-old to jail

On Tuesday afternoon, the now 57-year-old man at the Copenhagen City Court is accused of having received a bribe by saying yes to the fine meal.

According to the prosecution, the dinner cost 4,500 kroner.

– There are strict rules for what you may receive as a public servant, and this is clearly above the level, says military prosecutor Christina Barnow prior to Tuesday’s court hearing.

– I can not say where the level is, but it could, for example, be a dinner at Jensens Bøfhus.

There is no indication that Expal got anything out of giving the expensive dinner to the employee of the Ministry of Defense.

– It is about that he has received the dinner and that there is a risk that the company may have benefited from it. It is not part of the case whether the company has actually benefited from providing the dinner, says Christina Barnow.

The 57-year-old’s defender, lawyer Torben Koch, calls the case “completely grotesque”.

– He’s attending a business dinner. There is no question that he is being anointed and that his wife has been invited along. You have some negotiations, and then you go out to eat, he says.

According to the defender, the 57-year-old had no idea that King Hans Kælder was such an expensive restaurant, and he also questions the price of the dinner.

– The auditor (the military prosecution, red) has not even taken the trouble to document what the price really was. You come up with some completely estimated amount, says Torben Koch.

– Moreover, it is almost ten years back. The limitation period is ten years, and this indictment will be issued nine and a half years after the event. I am outraged and I do not understand that this case has been raised, he continues.

Christina Barnow explains that the case is only being raised now because the prosecution has only recently become aware of it.

– We received a review after a dinner at Kong Hans Kælder was mentioned in the TV2 program Operation X, she says.

Judgment in the case is expected on Tuesday afternoon.

Source: The Nordic Page




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