President Niinistö: The meal benefits of good prime ministers are being studied

President Niinistö: The meal benefits of good prime ministers are being studied

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö said it was good for the prime minister Sanna Marin wanted the tax authorities to look at the benefit of the prime minister’s tax-free meals.

Small scandal – copied "breakfast gate" – Recently surrounded by the Prime Minister after he and his family members had received about 850 euros a month in meal benefits to which they may not have been entitled.

On Tuesday, Marin said he intended to stop using the meal – which totaled just over € 14,000 – even if the arrangement was found to be legal, telling MTV3 that he wanted to get the matter over.

Niinistö commented on the matter on Wednesday during his visit to the island of Örö in the Archipelago Sea.

According to tax experts who spoke with Yle, the prime minister is unlikely to be entitled to tax-free meal benefits.

Meal benefits are assessed by the tax administration.

Source: The Nordic Page




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