Yle broadcasts the municipal election debate in Easy Finnish

Yle broadcasts the municipal election debate in Easy Finnish

Yle TV1 broadcasts a municipal election debate Finnish, or ‘easy Finnish’, on Friday 4 June at 3.40 pm.

The conversation will be shown in Yle Areena, where it can also be viewed later.

Each of Finland’s nine main parties is represented, and participants answer questions in the simplest language. The Language Fund is also ready to assess whether the language used by politicians was easy or difficult to understand.

The debate will focus on important issues in municipal elections, such as employment, housing and schools.

Mightily News Selkosuomeksi The unit offers daily news easily in Finnish on television, online and radio, aimed primarily at people studying Finnish as a second or foreign language.

Prior to the discussion, the unit easily produced videos in Finnish on democracy, municipal politics and elections.

What about democracy? / What is democracy?

What does the municipality do? / What does the municipality do?

Why are municipal elections held in Finland? / Why are elections held in Finland?

Voters can vote by advance voting on Tuesday, June 8, and on Sunday, June 13, the last day of voting.

Source: The Nordic Page

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