The poet Eske K. Mathiesen has died after a long illness

The poet Eske K. Mathiesen has died after a long illness

The latest was released in 2020 with the title “Detours”. In this connection, Dagbladet Information’s reviewer called Mathiesen “one of the kingdom’s best and most headstrong poets”.

Kristeligt Dagblad christened him “shield for the world’s little miracles”.

– Mathiesen’s distinctive feature and strength is that he, like few others, manages to make the most common things light up and stand out in all their surprising nuance and fullness.

– “Detours” are worth driving for and show Mathiesen in absolutely great shape, wrote reviewer Martin Rohr Gregersen in his review.

In 2009, Eske K. Mathiesen received the Kritikerprisen, which is awarded by Litteraturkritikernes Lav, for the collection of poems “Bonjour monsieur Satie”.

Source: The Nordic Page




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