NGO: Ordinary online images of children were abducted and given according to sexual context

NGO: Ordinary online images of children were abducted and given according to sexual context

Once images are manipulated to include new, sexualized content, they are distributed to pornographic sites and other platforms. By Pauliina SillforsThe Save the Children expert makes it difficult to assess how widespread the phenomenon is because it has not yet been adequately studied.

Save the Children Finland has received several reports of such material online service, which provides anonymous tips on child sexual abuse. Sillfors stresses that finding that their image has been used in a sexual context can have devastating effects on a child’s mental health and well-being.

The topic was first revealed in Save the Denmark. The organization warns that while most minors are safe online and not all shared images are edited and have no sexual context, it is important to prioritize the child’s right to privacy when sharing information or images online.

The term “sharing,” used to describe the way parents send content about their children’s lives online, has become an increasingly popular use and topic of discussion in online publications, and many have shown that it poses dangers to children’s safety.

Tahira Sequeira

Helsinki Times

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Source: The Nordic Page

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