Private COVID-19 Test Point opened in Reykjanesbær

Private COVID-19 Test Point opened in Reykjanesbær

A private COVID-19 test sampling point has opened in Reykjanesbær, close to the airport. It is mainly intended for tourists who need to have a sample taken before leaving Iceland. They will be the so-called quick tests that will give a result after fifteen minutes. Anyone can make an appointment. The test costs NOK 6900.

No government agency has any relationship with the test point, as it is owned by Sameind and Öryggismiðstöðin. According to Ömar Arnar Jónsson, Öryggismiðstöðin’s marketing director, the company has already assisted healthcare professionals with screening, and will continue to do so, but by opening its own shop on its own.

The tests that will be used are antigen tests that should give an accurate result in just fifteen minutes. Ómar Örn says the accuracy of the test results is almost 99 percent.

In Iceland, so-called PCR tests are mainly used, but it takes much longer to wait for the results. The proposed tests are performed with a nasal swab only, not a nose and throat swab as in PCR tests. The tests are produced by Siemens.

A pickup point has been opened in the Aðaltorg building at Aðalgata 60 in Reykjanesbær, near the airport. It is mainly intended for people who are on their way to the airport, but must prove in their destination country that they have not been diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus prior to departure. According to Ómar, antigen tests, like PCR, are a ticket to travel between countries because they are recognized in many places.

The date of the visit can be arranged on the website ÖryggismiðstöðinHERE.

Source: Yle

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