FACTS: How to help with cardiac arrest

FACTS: How to help with cardiac arrest

Read here about the steps for resuscitation, so it is possible to step in if a person falls over:

1. Check if the person is unconscious.

* Shake the person’s shoulders and shout or ask out loud if the person is okay. Squeeze or level the skin on the inside of the thigh or upper arm.

2. Check for breathing.

* Spend up to ten seconds making sure there are free airways and check if the person has either abnormal or no breathing.

* See if the chest is moving. Lay your head close to the person and listen for breathing. Move your head over the person and see if you can feel if that person is breathing on you.

* If the person is not breathing, call for help. If there is normal breathing, the person should be placed in a stable side position.

3. Call for help.

* If the person has cardiac arrest, call 112 immediately or have another person do it.

* The alarm center sends help and can also guide you in how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the help arrives.

4. Give heart massage and artificial respiration.

Begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation with your hands folded on the person’s chest. Give heart massage by pressing hard on the chest 30 times and then give two breaths mouth-to-mouth.

* Repeat until help arrives.

* It should help maintain respiration and blood supply to the brain and the rest of the body.

5. Give shock with defibrillators.

* If a defibrillator is present, use it. When turned on, it guides you in what to do.

Sources: Danish Council for Resuscitation, Hjerteforeningen, Falck.

Source: The Nordic Page




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