Norwegian culture is fantastic

Norwegian culture is fantastic

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Okay, okay, we may be a little biased here, and maybe a little personal. But there is no doubt that there is a lot of fantastic with our culture, which includes charity, good music, national costumes and much more. There are certain things that make Norwegians Norwegians, and not Swedes or Danes.

It is also the case that we have great influences from abroad, which have defined our culture more than we may perceive ourselves. A good example of them are Christmas sweaters, which may be an American tradition, but which we have taken as our own.

Just look at those who buy Christmas sweaters for the barn In recent years. It’s not something that was very common a few years ago, but today it’s almost like everyone in the family has one Christmas sweaters. And it’s definitely something that’s come from the US and the UK. But it’s fun, so why not have it, or what?

Part of our culture

Norway is not the largest country in the world, and that is a big reason why we should be open to other countries’ impulses. Christmas sweaters are actually a good example of that, where you have taken something that is foreign and foreign, and made it your own.

Today, it is almost expected that most people wear Christmas sweaters, because it has become so popular, and people like to wear them during the Christmas holidays. Maybe it’s something that brings us together too, and it’s fun too, which is an important part of the Christmas celebration.

But there is also something in the fact that you want to be a part of the culture, to be part of what is popular. And there is no doubt that there is something charming about Christmas sweaters, and why they have become so popular in recent years.

A good mix

But Norway is not homogeneous, and that is good. It would quickly make us a very boring country, without much color. And that is something you should preferably avoid. Culture always benefits from new impulses, no matter where they come from. We have already mentioned inspiration from the United States and from the West in general. But what about elsewhere?

Yoga has become very popular, and it is definitely not American, nor Norwegian. So the Indian influence is there, and many people like Asian food, such as sushi. Thus, you see that it is more what you like, than what you have grown up in, because there are probably many who would prefer sushi over stew. What about you, what do you like best?

Source: The Nordic Page