Coffee Bike Reykjavik

Coffee Bike Reykjavik
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Jacek came to Iceland like many others – for money. But it quickly turned out that Iceland is something more, something much more expensive. It’s a quiet life, without the daily chase and worries, that is not enough for the first … He is also a lover of good coffee. For some time, he has also been watching coffee-to-take networks booming in various cities. Iceland ranks third in the world for coffee consumption per capita – 9 kg of coffee per year.

The idea of ​​offering coffee in Iceland matured and matured until it finally saw the light of day and here it is!

Mini cafe in the center of Reykjavik. In the morning, on your way to work, you grab your coffee, walking around the city, pop in here and drink a cup of coffee. During the nasty Icelandic weather, you have it to warm up, and on beautiful summer days you feel like you are on the Italian coast (except in early spring).

Coffee Bike ReykjavikThe coffee offered here comes from Honduras, from La Paz. It is 100% Arabica freshly roasted in a roaster in Poland and brewed in a Fracino dual fuel machine, it is the first machine of this type in Iceland. And probably the first rickshaw in this country. And real fudge – brittle on the outside and soft inside, an absolute complement to the magic moment with coffee.

Jacek invites you for a coffee at the Bakarabrekka square, right next to the Punk Museum.

Coffee Bike Reykjavik website HEREand on Facebook you will find them HERE.

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