Yellow weather alert in a large part of the country

Yellow weather alert in a large part of the country

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a yellow weather alert for the Highlands Northeast, Strandir County West, Northwest County, Westfjords and Breiðafjörður.

The weather alert goes into effect tonight at 8pm in Strandir and Northeast Iceland, and will run until tomorrow. A gusty wind or storm is expected, the force of which may be up to 23 meters per second.

At midnight, the warning becomes effective in the highlands and the Northeast, and continues until tomorrow. There are predicted storms and strong gusts of wind, the speed of which can be up to 25 meters per second.

The Yellow Warning is effective from eight in the morning in the Westfjords and will be valid until Saturday morning. In Breiðafjörður, the yellow alert is only valid for two hours. Strong winds are expected with gusts of up to 25 meters per second.

As many Icelanders plan to travel around the country, everyone is encouraged to exercise caution, especially driving rear-wheel drive vehicles with trailers or campers.

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