Helsinki was ranked the best city in the world for a happy retirement

Helsinki was ranked the best city in the world for a happy retirement

Inside something recent research According to Audley’s pension planning company Audley in the United Kingdom, Helsinki rose the best of the cities, which are typically classified as the happiest long and comfortable retirement in the world.

Looking at urban areas, which tend to be at the forefront of international rankings, as the happiest places to live and then the cost of living, local wages, life expectancy and average savings, Helsinki beat competitors such as Copenhagen, Geneva, Reykjavik and Oslo to seek first place. According to Audley’s calculations, you would need about $ 252,000 (€ 211,000) saved in retirement to live comfortably in the dark years in Helsinki. While this may seem like a lot, local wages and purchasing power mean that achieving this figure is relatively achievable for the working population. At the same time, it would take about $ 422,000 (€ 354,000) saved at age 65 to enjoy a comfortable retirement in Geneva.

The study also looks at the best international retirement destinations, which means the best cities for foreign retirees. Here, Helsinki was third after Melbourne and Rio de Janeiro. Although the Brazilian city is at a disadvantage in terms of indicators of happiness and wages, it is a more favorable destination to withdraw from abroad, as low cost of living tends to mean pensions much further.

Perhaps surprising to some, given that Helsinki typically performs very poorly in global investments in the cost of living, the Audley survey rates the Finnish capital as one of the most affordable places to live comfortably in retirement. The ranking calculates that one retiree would need £ 974 (€ 1141) a month to feel comfortable. This is significantly less than in some cities, which are classified as the worst places to retire. Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul are ranked as the worst international retiree destinations because retirees need at least € 1,300 a month to live in these cities.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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