New rifts in Gónhóll

New rifts in Gónhóll

In Gónhóll near Fagradalsfjall, you can see new fissures that have apparently formed in the last two weeks. The area was a frequently used volcano viewpoint, but is now surrounded by lava and is only accessible by helicopter.

The fissures are likely fractures formed by the spreading land and extend north of Gónhóll towards the lava tunnel, southeast of the crater. There are several theories about the causes of fractures. One of these points to minor earthquakes following either a drop in magma pressure or a reduction in lava flow surrounding the hill.


Rifts are marked red on the map. The main crater is visible in the upper left corner. The aerial photo and terrain model are based on photos provided by the Icelandic Institute of Natural History and aerial photos from the Volcanology and Nature Conservation Department of the University of Iceland.

However, it cannot be ruled out that the fissures indicate that the magma is approaching the surface in Gónhóll. If this is the case, the fractures will move and give off gases and vapors. In such conditions, staying in Gónhóll is inadvisable. The Institute of Meteorology advises helicopter pilots landing at Gónhóll to be careful.

The Institute of Meteorology, as in recent months, constantly monitors the development of the situation at the eruption site.

New rifts in Gónhóll

Source: Yle




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