The government wants to extend the corona laws

The government wants to extend the corona laws
  • The government proposes that the laws governing coronary restrictions be extended until the end of January next year, according to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.
  • The government has no further information on easing the current restrictions.

  • Due to the increased spread of infection, Sweden can currently not ease the restrictions that remain, states the Public Health Agency’s Director General Johan Carlson.

The government has decided on a bill in which it is proposed that both the so-called covid-19 law and the law on temporary infection control measures at restaurants be extended until the end of January 2022, the Prime Minister states at today’s press conference.

– This does not mean that the restrictions will be extended, but that we will have an increased opportunity to introduce restrictions if they are needed, says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S).

The Covid-19 Act and the Serving Act provide opportunities for the government to introduce measures that it otherwise cannot, states Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren (S) at the press conference.

– We need to continue working to counteract the spread of infection. Even though Sweden is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest mortality, the pandemic is still ongoing, she says.

At 15.45, the government and the Public Health Agency will hold a press conference.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren and the Director General of the Swedish Public Health Agency Johan Carlson will take part in today’s press conference.


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