Riikka Purra was elected chairman of the Basic Finns

Riikka Purra was elected chairman of the Basic Finns

The new leader of the basic Finns is Riikka Purrawhich replaces Jussi Halla-aho after four years of management.

The Kirkkonummi MP was a strong favorite from start to finish and became the first party leader.

He received 774 votes, about 59 percent of the 1,302 votes cast at the Seinäjoki Party Conference.

The Tampere Member of Parliament came second Sakari Park 252 votes and thirdly Covid denyer Lohja adviser Ossi Tiihonen With 181.

Purra is in charge of a party that will consistently vote among the top three political powers in the country and will have a chance to get into government after the next election, which is scheduled for 2023.

Halla-aho had announced his departure just before Midsummer in a surprising movement.

Purra’s rise to leadership is seen as an improvement on the chances that the right-wing government will include a national coalition party that had refused to cooperate with Halla-aho when he took the lead in 2017.

He has been convicted of inciting ethnic hatred and has made several inspiring statements on his blog.

This led to the division of the party, as the Blue Reform group consisted of half of the MPs in the Finnish parties and remained in government.

The remaining MPs went into opposition under Halla-aho. Earlier this year, the Council rejected Purra’s complaint against the Finnish media after Yle had accurately stated that it had used the language of the far-right great compensation theory.

Source: The Nordic Page

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