Veikkaus’ slot machines include a loss limitation function

Veikkaus' slot machines include a loss limitation function

The feature that allows players to limit their losses will be installed on slot machines used by Veikkaus, the Finnish state gaming monopoly, from September.

Loss limits allow players to set a cap on the amount of money they can potentially lose over a period of time.

The move is the latest measure introduced as part of the agency’s corporate social responsibility program to prevent the harms associated with gambling.

The Ministry of the Interior has set a maximum loss of EUR 500 per day and EUR 2,000 per month, Veikkaus Communications Manager Pipsa Öhman said.

"The idea, however, is that the person sets his own loss limits," Öhman added.

From January this year, players must authenticate themselves with an ID card issued by Veikkaus before using slot machines, which are usually located in shops, restaurants, kiosks, petrol stations and the agency’s own gambling halls all over Finland.

This means that the feature can track a player’s losses from slot games to online gaming.

"The devices know how to connect a player and the loss limits can be met because players can no longer play anonymously," Öhman said, Veikkaus estimates the reform to be a "significant impact on reducing problem gambling".

Veikkaus’ victories provoke debate

Veikkaus’ profits have recently been the subject of much discussion with the Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvinen (Cen) proposes earlier this month that from 2024 onwards, the revenue earned by the gambling monopoly will be transferred to the state budget.

The minister said the revenue of the betting agency is declining, and without the changes, the income of charities and other groups that benefit from its profits will also change. Veikkaus’ income is distributed to cultural, sports, science and youth work, as well as social care and healthcare organizations.

The government has decided to set up a parliamentary working group to consider how Veikkaus’ income could be distributed in the future.

Kai MykkänenIn an interview with Helsingin Sanomat in July, the chairman of the Coalition Parliament ‘s parliamentary group said that he would immediately cut the link between Veikkaus’ gambling income and grants received by organizations.

Source: The Nordic Page

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