The ecologist cat hit the headlines

The ecologist cat hit the headlines

Birta the cat, who lives in the fishing village of Höfn í Hornafirði in eastern Iceland, made headlines as a purring wonder member of the community. According to Vísir, the cat is an avid garbage collector and fills up to two garbage bags a month with the garbage she has collected. She even received a grant from Blái herinn, the environmental association “Blue Army”, for her efforts.

Birta spends her days collecting rubbish, especially from the local construction site. “She came back from there with many things” – recalls Stefanía Hilmarsdóttir, Birty’s guardian.


She carries plastic bags and masks that she found in the area. She is also particularly fond of lost garden gloves. Moreover, not all of her finds are garbage. On New Year’s morning, she gave her guardian a can of beer, which she had brought home in a plastic bag.

Birty’s active environmental efforts did not go unnoticed. The cat has dragged so much garbage that Stefanía recently organized an exhibition of these most impressive finds at the Hornarfjörður Cultural Center. Moreover, Blái herinn, the environmental association “The Blue Army”, recently awarded Birta a grant to purchase a GPS transmitter that will allow her to track her travels around the city.

You can follow Birty’s exploits on her Facebook page – HERE.

Source: Yle




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