Corona’s special status will soon disappear

Because with the downgrading of the disease that has ravaged the whole world for the past good year and a half, the remaining restrictions from the reopening agreement entered into in June 2021 are about to end.

– The epidemic is under control, we have record high vaccination rates, says Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) in a statement.

That is why, among other things, the automatic parish closures, which have currently affected five parishes across the country, are stopping.

Furthermore, the requirement for corona passes disappears in connection with certain major events as well as in the nightlife.

In general, it is a restaurant and nightlife to its knees that is allowed to phase out the latest restrictions.

This is how it sounds from the organization Denmark’s Restaurants and Cafés (DRC).

– They are all in debt to landlords, the bank and the government. And with waiting time for payments of compensation and a lack of clarification on debt settlement, it is crucial to be able to open and create revenue without restrictions, says Freja Brandhøj, who is political head of the DRC.

But despite only 126 hospitalized Friday, the government is ready to pull the handbrake if necessary.

An infection rate of 925 on Friday testifies that the disease still abounds in the community.

Heunicke acknowledges that Denmark is not “out of the epidemic”.

– And the government will not hesitate to act quickly if the pandemic again threatens important functions in our society, he says.

That vigilance may soon be needed.

In any case, Viggo Andreasen, associate professor of mathematical epidemiology at Roskilde University, sees a risk of severe infection among the unvaccinated.

– It is a bit naive to say that the epidemic is under control. This is largely due to the fact that it is still summer. That was also the experience from last year, says the associate professor.

Andreasen explains that they have succeeded with the part of the strategy that deals with keeping the pandemic in check, while vaccinating as many as possible.

But with the delta variant, the infection can develop quickly, and therefore close monitoring is important, he explains.

– The crystal ball is a bit foggy. But it is a very realistic scenario that about half of the unvaccinated population will be infected over the next three to four months, says the associate professor.

– At first glance, it seems to be able to give so many admissions that it can actually well become a problem.

The government’s decision to revoke covid-19’s special status was taken shortly before a meeting of the Epidemic Committee to discuss the issue.

In several parties in the blue bloc – who have just argued that the corona no longer threatens societal functions – the enthusiasm was completely hidden.

– When it comes to the S-government, they are in the minority, yes, they also come up with better ideas 45 minutes before the meeting of the Epidemic Committee should start. Thank you for that, wrote political spokeswoman Sophie Løhde (V) on Twitter on Friday.

Source: The Nordic Page





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